Monday, June 23, 2008


I am consistently amazed at the way my life is turning out. It looks absolutely NOTHING like the life I imagined for myself as I was growing up. All I can say is, "Thank goodness!"

The things I have learned and discovered in the last few days have been enough to blow my entire existence into a new realm. Things that in the past I may have thought were impossible, weird, or at the very least, unconventional (and a younger version of myself was nothing if not conventional) seem like interesting possibilities now. Things that could stretch me to be a stronger and more well-rounded, caring person. This is strange because one part of my mind (I'm actually not sure that it's the logical part these days) is saying, "Shouldn't you naturally think the opposite of this?" but the rest of me is overpowering it with this simple question: "Why does it have to be that way?"

I know this is vague, but choosing to get into details and explanations is, at present, too much information for this forum.

Basically, many elements of my life are currently being challenged. This is an amazing thing to have happen, even though it opens me up to a lot of confusion. I can't even imagine the positive growth that can come from this.

I feel like my brain might explode from thinking too much. And that is my happy thought for today.

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Colin said...

Welcome to your early 20's.

Be careful not to get downhearted about the weight of change, like I did. Change brings uncertainty but it also brings, to God-followers, something new, something better, in time. If you let it overwhelm you, you will be bitter—sometimes for years.

The thoughts and whims of your love will guide you down their path, even when it's not apparent. So who or what will you love the most? Who will you keep an ear for, listening with abated breath?

You must proactively choose God, every day, or risk listening to something that will darken your life.

Hope you have a wonderful day.