Monday, December 22, 2008

Fact: Snow Makes Northwest Kids Dumb

So, it's winter. I live in the Northwest United States. Typically those two statements combined equal buckets of rain. Not this year.

That is my backyard. Note the lamppost on the right. No, we are not in Narnia. What the heck?!

This is my street.

My mom had been in the house (well, at least not leaving the yard) since Friday, and she decided that enough was enough. Plus, we needed more food! So we decided to walk to Fred Meyer, which is across the street from our little neighborhood. Thus the reasoning behind why snow makes us dumb. We are not normally dumb, I promise. 

BUT, in my opinion, leaving the house when the temperature is the same as my age is a dumb thing to do. We did it anyway, because it was time to get out of the house.

This is me. *smile*

This is my mom.

We trekked to the store and back, and neither of us fell over. So the trip was a success, all things considered. =) We also stopped in at Starbucks, because that is a requirement if you live in the Northwest. The place was packed! Ask me if I was surprised. ... Nope, not a bit! We have more the TEN INCHES of snow on the ground, but they can't keep us away from our legal substances! Not a chance! Mr. Starbucks must be very proud of what he's created. I know I am. 

Finally, some further proof that we are nuts (as if we needed more!), here is a picture of my dog. Because she is as certifiable as the rest of us. A sane person (or dog) would not stay outside long enough in this weather to turn out like this:
(Say "Hi," Bridgette!)

I hope you all are enjoying a safe and fun time in the snow! Me? I'll be inside, admiring the beauty while drinking my coffee and dreaming of a green Christmas. =)

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