Saturday, December 20, 2008

All About Perspective

I have found (repeatedly) that perspective changes everything. Especially when you are an emotionally-driven creature like I am, knowing how to look at a situation or conflict can mean the difference between overreaction and smart choices.

When I'm in the middle of something, I am literally in themiddleof it. I'm talking, so-squished-I-can-hardly-breathe in the middle. So I can pretty much forget about thinking clearly. Even the slightest removal from said situations can have the most dramatic effect on the outcome. I feel healthiest when I can shift my perspective. I feel smart and rational and mature

So why is it always so hard for me to remove myself in order to gain control? Because I like the emotional aspect just as much as the rational aspect. In truth, I am a girl. Now, this sentiment is not true for all girls, nor is it true for me at all times. It's just a pattern I've begun noticing. 

I have also noticed that once the perspective shift takes place, and I rationalize myself into oblivion, my "issues" tend to dissolve quickly, regardless of how imposing they seemed 10 minutes ago.

That's my current food for thought. What's yours?


Amy said...

I hear you, girl!

annaliese said...

so true...and so good that you are able to recognize it. I love you!

me? oh, I'm just washing my jeans... :)