Saturday, October 11, 2008


I always hear people talking about how life was so wonderful in Kindergarten. I also sometimes hear people say they wish they could go back and just be five again because it was easy and uncomplicated. I agree with the first statement. I'm still thinking about the second one.

I had a very long and emotional day. It wasn't anything in particular that happened to set everything off, but a series of... complications. But I felt all day like I had to physically hold myself together to keep from losing it. I spent a significant amount of time talking to God today. I think maybe that was one of the reasons that today happened - so I would remember WHO I am supposed to turn to for everything. 

In Kindergarten, I wouldn't have understood this. I understood God, but not in the way I do now. I would have simply gone crying to my wonderful mother, and she would have given me a hug and made me take a nap. Easy, maybe. But would I have grown from it? Probably not so much.

In Kindergarten, you're friends with everyone. Unless it's the kid who pushed you to get in front of the line for the slide. As an adult, it's harder to get along with everyone, but you also learn who is really going to be there for you as opposed to the kid that only likes you because your mom makes cupcakes for the class. :) 

I am blessed to have found the former type of friend is in my life in multiple. These people hug you instead of asking questions about why you've been crying in public, and they respond kindly to the crazy text messages you send them asking if anyone will notice if you run away.

So, yes, Kindergarten was fun and wonderful and easy, but it was only the practice round. And in spite of all the things that go wrong, I am okay with being a grown up because there is a beauty and wonder in that too, which God reveals to those who are looking and listening.


annaliese said...

isn't He awesome in the reminders He brings into our lives? I could be sooo independant--if I wasn't so often humbled--lol!

Amy said...

Oh Dana -- how I empathize with you! Thank goodness for God and our friends and family we can depend on and for those days where everything goes splendidly and we are reminded why we do the things we do -- even if those things do wear us down sometimes.

I admire you for taking on all that you have with these *three* plays. Please let me know if I can help. You mentioned needing assistance with MID makeup & hair designs. Talk to me more about that, ok?

Sending love and hugs...

Dana said...

Annaliese: I know what you mean! And thank goodness for the reminders because otherwise I would probably just be truckin' along, missing out on everything He has for me and falling into potholes!

Amy: thanks for the reminder that the splendid part is still there! It's so easy to just look at the rain cloud sometimes, but that just makes it worse.

I'm so blessed that both of you are the friends that stay around even after the cupcakes are gone! ♥

dotoner said...

Dana - love this. Thank you for sharing!