Monday, July 28, 2008

Rational Thinking?

I've been trying to pretend lately that I'm not an adult. It isn't working. 

I remember that in high school, it seemed like if I didn't want to deal with a problem, I ignored it. Usually it went away. I think this was due to the fact that most of my "problems" in high school revolved around teenage angst and drama between friends. Therefore, most of that stuff did dissolve in a matter of days. 

Things weigh more heavily and tend to have more consequences as we age. Every decision costs us something. Is the positive of a situation ever worth the possible negatives that come with it?

I used to go with the flow a lot more. I am now almost consumed by a raging debate in my head over every little thing. It takes me forever to make a decision because I worry about all possibilities. I used to do a lot of rash, stupid things. I do have a few regrets, but in general I made pretty good decisions. The bad decisions are the ones I learned from. Logically, that would make me a smarter person, with even better decision-making skills.

So, why don't I trust myself now?

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annaliese said...

oooh. ignoring and problem so that it will 'go away'. an oft used tactic of mine. very ineffective.