Thursday, July 24, 2008


Is there ever a good time to change your own circumstances?

There comes a moment in most of life's scenarios when we reach what is called a "breaking point." Here we are presented with two options: Forge your own path and jump in head first...or wait to see where the cards fall on their own.

Both options present problems of varying terror - meaning that ultimately, we are afraid of the results of either choice. The trouble with the waiting option is just that - the waiting. Being patient is terrible. Also, we live in a very impatient culture...we want what we want, and we want it the way we want it, and we want it NOW. It's very much the Veruca Salt Mentality. "Daddy, I want the golden goose NOW!"

Yeah, too bad that goose led to Veruca's demise. Hence the potential danger of our other option: diving in head first to the unknown opens you up to a potential world of terrible results and unanticipated hurts. Sometimes, the hurts we are blindsided by don't go away very easily either. 

So now we are back at that breaking point and you have to ask, "Is this worth the potential damage of quick action, or might it be more worth it to tough it out and wait?"

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