Friday, June 4, 2010

learning things

...I am what can be classified as a 'hopeful romantic.' I refuse to believe that I am hopeless.

...I have serious issues when it comes to matters of the heart.

...I am far too melodramatic for my own good. (Somehow, most things end up feeling like they are life or death, even though my brain knows they're not. My heart doesn't listen to reason. Panic and chaos ensue.)

...I live in cycles - this is probably unhealthy on several levels; largely because I enter each new cycle believing that it hasn't happened before...but it's always happened before, and it's almost always been exactly the same as this time.

...These patterns that I repeat fall into one of three categories: my purpose, love, and a combination of the two (don't ask how they correlate, they just do in my life).

...Recognizing these truths in my life may hopefully be a step on the path to recovery.

What do I need to recover from?

I'm not really sure yet.

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annaliese said...

all those reasons and more are why I love you!!! :)