Saturday, May 24, 2008


No matter how much planning you might do for something, it will never turn out exactly the way you expect it. This is not always a bad thing, contrary to popular belief.

Speaking of Plans, I'm on my way out soon for the Death Cab for Cutie show. I am so excited, but definitely more wound up right now than I should be. Everyone is running late, as usual. I don't know why this should be an issue for me, because I am almost always late. But since I have to be ready and waiting for everyone else to show up here, it makes me nervous. Hence the blogging. I'm ready, for once, and just sitting around.

This post has nothing to do with productivity, but I keep laughing whenever I look at my Office quotes desk calendar, so I think I'll share the quote of the day with you.

"Productivity is important, but how can I be productive if I have this one little thing in my brain that I cannot get out? And that one little thing is a soft pretzel. So I'm just going to have my soft pretzel and I'll get to work, and I'm going to be super-productive. Look out for me!" -Michael Scott, The Office

I actually understand what his logic is here, which is funny, because Michael Scott is NOT a logical person. I often find myself wanting to be productive, but feeling completely distracted by something else, and I think, "okay, if I can get this other thing out of the way, then I can take care of the things that I really need to be working on."

I have no clue if that even makes sense, but that's just the way it is. 

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