Wednesday, April 13, 2011

shaking off the dust

Phew!  Four months into the year already? How did this happen? My second semester at Northwest took off at a lightning-fast pace, and it hasn't slowed down yet at all! Hence my utter lack of updates. There are too many things to talk about now, considering my lack of time (study break is almost over), but know that life is blurring past and I am simply trying to live in the middle of it and take it all in so I may the memories of this time in the years to come.

Just about 3.5 weeks left of the semester, and then my first year here will be finished. I still can't believe how quick and how amazing this year has been! I am exhausted from my studies, though, and ready for a break, but not as excited about seeing some dear friends graduate and move on from here. Next year will definitely be different, but hopefully no less wonderful!

In the meantime, I am slogging through papers, hoping for sleep, and looking forward to my much-anticipated adventure to Southern California in a little over a month!

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