Friday, August 20, 2010

the guesswork

life is all about the guesswork.
what if we lived in a world with no variables; only constants?
there would be no exploration, no discovery, no growth, and little passion.
it would be all just expanse of sky, with no earth.
or just dirt, with no mountains.
we weren’t created simply to exist; to float without experience.
we are here to learn, to breathe, to see, to teach, to touch, to share with one another our mistakes and our journeys...
and ultimately to glorify our Creator through all of those things
by using what we’ve seen, learned, touched, tasted, loved, laughed about, cried over.
and as much as we might put off the unknown and the discomfort in the variables, they are in fact crucial to our very core
 without shadows there can be no proof of the sunshine
no answers exist without a question
and if we stop fearing the guesswork, we might be more willing to step out and see what we can learn from the beauty that inhabits the unknown.

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LindaB said...

Well said, daughter of mine! You have such a way with words. I'm so excited for your new adventure.