Thursday, October 20, 2011

brought to you by the number 4

My favorite number this week is 4. There are many reasons behind this, but I don't particularly feel like detailing all of them right now.

I will tell you that my life has changed significantly in the last four months. I (finally!) started my senior year of college at NU, and I can see a light at the end of the journey that has been my undergraduate career. I have changed so much in the last year that it's remarkable. I am even a different person today than the girl you may have known four days ago.

Four months ago today, I started a job that radically altered the way I view my skills, and helped me not only to discover that I was capable of something I had previously considered myself inept at (teaching), but that I genuinely enjoyed it. I also realized how much I miss theater, and I saw a number of possibilities for my future open up before my eyes. Aside from a wonderful summer of employment, I was also blessed with incredible new friends and the chance to strengthen other relationships that had fallen to the side.

About four weeks ago, I took a test to determine my top strengths for a leadership conference I attended, and I was surprised to gain insight about four of my top five strengths (one was not surprising to me at all). Going through the conference I discovered that aspects of my personality and life that I have long viewed as weaknesses or oddities are actually things that have the potential to be my biggest strengths if I learn to apply them correctly. I was so encouraged to see how my strengths can work with the strengths of the others that I work with, and that the things that I've viewed as strange (or have been informed by others of this) are actually key elements of the way that God created me for a specific purpose.

This week, I attended four chapel services at NU that had marvelous amounts of impact on my life. Reflections on that would probably require another post entirely, but I will say that I was handed a number of truths that I desperately needed to know, and I am now pondering those things and attempting to apply them to my life.

As I careen into the last half of this semester, I am reflecting on everything that has happened in the last four months that I am so grateful for. Some of it has been trying, to be sure, but I can promise you that I wouldn't trade a single second of it if it meant that I would lose any of the wonderful things that I've experienced or any of the people that I've gotten to know. So, for now, I will return to my studies in order to finish out this season in as positive a manner as it began.

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