Thursday, March 19, 2009

fresh start

As scary as change can be, I love new beginnings. I think that is what has kept me going in the years since high school, where I've been flung from situation to situation. I don't love change, but when it brings something unexpected, there's this incredible feeling of hope that charges through me.

This last month has definitely had a fresh start or two. I started a new job that I never saw coming, and it's proved to be the best job I've had. I love it. It's almost like a dream, because I get to do what I'm good at (admin work) for people who love Jesus, and I get to do what I love, which is theater. I've met some incredible people already, and I'm so excited about everything I get to do in the coming months.

What's weird is that I'm discovering that I don't know how to express on the outside how great I've been feeling. I've lived like a stoic for a long time now, trying to keep a positive attitude when I didn't feel like it. I think that's translated to my countenance becoming relatively steady -- I don't show a lot one way or another. (This is a kiss of death to an actor, by the way!) I didn't even realize this until my friend Chester looked at me yesterday and said, "Smile more, Dana!" 

Odd. I was definitely smiling in my head. In fact, I've felt full to bursting lately, but I guess I haven't given anyone reason to believe that! I think it's time for another change. 

This is me smiling out loud. Get used to it. =D


LindaB said...

I love your new page! And I love that you are feeling better about things. It shows! God is good. I pray this year just keeps getting better and better. You are lovely and loved. Never forget that.

annaliese said...

I like you smiling :) and i love you, no matter what :)